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Connecting Your Firm To the Future

The Oyez Gateway

A Customisable, Scalable Self-Service Platform

The  Oyez Gateway has been developed to provide a customisable, scalable cloud platform that provides legal and professionals firms with the ability to capture, share, flow and submit information from a single, self-service portal.

A full launch of The Oyez Gateway will take place in early 2019. This release will provide users with the complete OyezForms catalogue, a range of productivity enhancing data workflows and forms in Word format. It will also offer a fully managed digital submission portal for The Land Registry and HMRC, with Companies House to follow later in the year.

The Gateway's  roadmap details development plans through 2019 and including  further efficiency tools such as Speech Solutions  and a ‘Client Connect’ facility that will offer an easier, more effective way for legal practitioners to collaborate with clients online.

Visit our Gateway website to find out more.

  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Mobility removes location, time constraints
  • Smooth data sharing with colleagues & clients
  • Exceptional levels of measurement & control
  • All data safely stored across 2 high-security UK locations

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